CO. NO. 1087332-T

In 2018, while engaged in the construction of 112 units of terrace houses in Keningau, both our Ready Mixed Concrete suppliers informed us that the price per M3 of G25 concrete has been increased from RM290/M3 to RM360/M3 overnight. A 24% price increase overnight is very unreasonable especially to us since we have been paying cash for our supply. As such, we decided to branch out into the manufacturing of our own Ready Mixed Concrete and at the same time go into the design, manufacturing and installation of Industrialized Building System (IBS) for the construction of buildings and infrastructure.

With the continuous increases in the cost of labour, sand, clay bricks, etc., the building industry is at an inflection point whereby the implementation of IBS is no longer an optional choice, but a life and death necessity for future survival. Having our own concrete manufacturing facilities provides us the platform to conduct research and development into construction methods and IBS products that are specific to the project types that are being undertaken by our group of companies.



To be the One Stop solution provider for the Design, Manufacturing & Installation of Specialised Concrete and Industrialised Building Systems (IBS) for construction projects in Sabah.