HBA Land Sdn Bhd

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HBA Property Ventures Sdn Bhd

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HBA Venture Partners Sdn Bhd

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HBA Invictus Sdn Bhd

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Real Estate Development is one of the core business of the HBA Group of companies. Commencing with our first project, Taman Hungab (Hungab Villa) in the year 2002, we will continue to be a significant, innovative and value driven Developer of Choice for property buyers and investors. We undertake development either through company owned land bank or in joint venture with landowners who are interested in partaking in the development process.

We are continuously looking for potential land for joint venture and will welcome any proposal from land owners. Apart from joint ventures with land owners, we also enter into partnerships with material suppliers, contractors and private or institutional investors on a project by project basis. We believe in working with strategic partners who share our values of integrity, honesty and hardwork.



To Design, Build and Manage Quality Properties in order to create lasting Values for Purchasers, Tenants and all our Stakeholders



  • To hire hardworking people of integrity regardless of race, color or religion.
  • To continuously innovate and improve our delivery systems.
  • To deliver products that are beyond the expectations of our customers and stakeholders.