CO. NO. 766826-P

In 2012, while developing projects in Papar and Tuaran, both our main contractors for these projects encountered management and financial difficulties resulting in the termination of their construction contracts with our development companies.

Faced with an impossibly tight dateline to deliver these houses as stipulated in the Sales and Purchase Agreement with the buyers, we were forced to establish our own construction company to undertake and complete these projects on time. Our construction division was thus born out of the desperate necessity to safeguard our group‘s reputation.

Having a construction division within our group of companies allows us to be more cost & time efficient in the building of our projects by improving and streamlining the whole process from Design to Construction. By having the whole process in-house, we are able to greatly reduce coordination time and costly mistakes.

Apart from improvement in efficiency, the construction division also allows us to experiment and implement innovative construction methods and materials. This has continuously improved our delivery system and reduced the total cost and time needed to complete a project.



To be one of the best Professionally Managed, Technically Advanced and Efficient Builder in Sabah.